Consulting Skills Training

Consulting Skills Training: for in-house sales, strategy, commercial, marketing, data and leadership teams.

Virgin Media 02: Strategy and Commercial Team, UK

“Most members of the team reached out to me proactively to say how fantastic the consulting skills training was! The outputs I am seeing show a huge improvement. Immediately after the training a critical Board investment presentation was rewritten by the team, using the pyramid principle and storytelling techniques learned, and the Board specifically commented how impactful the presentation was, enabling them to approve the investment case with ease. It was night and day ahead of a previous iteration, and also enabled my team members to present the case with full confidence, in half our allocated presentation time. Even with more informal communications, the team is far more considered, and much less scattergun in the presentation of their approach and project progress. It is amazing how much we are getting from the training. You guys are truly brilliant at what you do, Thank you”

Faizal Patel
Director of Franchise, PMO and Channel Strategy – Operations Division at Virgin Media 02

BetMGM: Data Team, USA

“The consulting skills training has had an amazing impact on the BetMGM data team. It has helped the team redefine what it means to be a good analyst. The team is increasingly confident in applying the SCQA* and answer-first approach, and the business continues to respond very favourably. Leadership team packs are shorter, and the team is getting faster at producing them. Meetings are now more focused and productive, with a lot more time spent on the ’so what?’ discussion, as the data presentations are clear, consistent and coherent. All the team members are finding the templates really useful, and we have an admired data team house style at BetMGM. Standards have been raised permanently, and the team are reviewing their own work through the eyes of the receiver. The team has put in place a peer review committee, which is ensuring all leadership team presentations meet our new high standards. The follow-up sessions have been hugely valuable in keeping up momentum and we look forward to rolling out the training to additional team members.”

*situation, complication, question, answer

Mark Stern
VP of Business Intelligence & Analytics at BetMGM

By teaching specialist consulting skills to your teams, we can greatly increase their ability to add value, by:

  • ensuring they identify, and gain alignment around the right question to be answered, or problem to be solved.
  • conduct comprehensive analysis of key options, in the most efficient way possible.
  • engage with stakeholders effectively, throughout the process, to identify and understand the key business priorities, and to assess options in that context.
  • present options and recommendations in a succinct and coherent top-down recommendation-first framework, that is easily understood, and acted upon by the board and leadership teams.

The benefits of consulting skills training are strategic as well as operational:

  • By improving communication, you build stronger teams.
  • By enhancing strategic thinking, you make better decisions.
  • By promoting efficiency, you create more value for your business.
  • By empowering teams with consulting skills training, you make them part of the solution rather than the process; focussed on delivering impactful business outcomes efficiently.

Our training is case-study and roll-play led. Each module includes theory, real-life examples and application, using relevant case studies throughout. Sample training areas include:

  1. Ask the right question: we teach frameworks to ensure clarity and alignment around the context and the correct business question to be addressed.
  2. Take a hypothesis-driven approach: The hypothesis-driven approach helps to structure the work, and ensures that whilst the work is comprehensive, effort is not wasted on irrelevant issues.  We encourage following multiple hypotheses at the outset, to ensure focus is not narrowed prematurely; whilst the efficiency of approach is maintained.
  3. Ensure a recommendation-led approach to all communication, using the pyramid principle: This top-down recommendation-led communications approach ensures your team’s outputs are clear, logical, comprehensive and easily presented. It is a structure that ensures completeness and guides all communication, written and oral, for immediate clarity and impact.
  4. Use decision matrices to ensure decisions are made objectively, based on a comprehensive evaluation of all relevant options and using the key business selection criteria.
  5. Conduct stakeholder analysis at the outset to create a stakeholder engagement plan for the duration of the work, to ensure consultation, collaboration and buy-in to their recommendations, at all levels of the organisation.
  6. Create impactful presentations and tell good stories: we teach presentation structuring and storytelling for impact. We also create a presentation template for your team.  The template ensures future outputs are structured in a common way and have the same high production values and logical integrity; enabling you to put a peer review system in place to embed best-practice, and to gain corporation wide reputation for the quality of your team outputs.

Our training is led by expert management consultants, each with over a decade of experience, working at leading global management consulting firms.

Management consultants are trained in a set of specific tools and skills that allow them to operate efficiently and very effectively, to deliver significant business impact.

What makes us unique is that our training programmes are created, and delivered, by senior management consultants who have trained, and led teams, at the world’s leading consulting firms, for over a decade, and who also have 1,000s of hours of training experience globally.

We equip your team with the skills and tools they need to think and act like consultants, increasing their impact on your business performance significantly.

Our courses are tailored to your business. We use custom-designed case studies, to enable your team to apply the learnings in practice, throughout the training.

We put in place a programme of ongoing coaching and enable distillation of the skills deep into the organisation, to ensure the learnings are embedded and adopted by the firm long-term, for maximum value impact.

We train consulting skills worldwide, virtually and in-person, or a mix of both.

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Healy Consulting exists to act as advisor and change agent for clients in the telecoms, media and technology sectors.

The boundaries between these sectors continue to blur, driven by advances in technology and infrastructure, and the economic imperative of reinvention for legacy players. For all, the old business models are breaking down and an innovative approach to strategic evolution, and change management, is required.

We have a particular focus on current product and portfolio management and new business development. What makes us unique is the ability to work with clients to define strategy and gain board approval for investment, combined with the ability to work directly with client teams to make that change happen in practice.


Healy Consulting has an innovative take on the traditional blue-chip strategy consulting model – all of our assignments are delivered by independent consultants who are a mix of alumni of top strategic management consultancy firms (such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG) and FTSE industry experts. This gives our clients access to the very best talent, at the most affordable price, in a modular fashion and our blue-chip teams can scale up and down, over the course of an assignment, to deliver optimum results.

We can provide a team as small as one and we also have access to a network of international experts who we can use to create virtual and fluid teams, as required for each stage of the engagement; so clients get access to all the expertise they need without committing to the overhead on an ongoing basis.

About us

Healy Consulting was founded by Rachel Healy.  Rachel is a board advisor and entrepreneur and one of the UK’s leading advisors in the telecoms, media and technology sectors with over 20 years’ experience.

Rachel has assisted professional investors in assessing, and closing, over $2bn of private equity buy-out and corporate development deals. She has worked as strategy and implementation advisor to a range of blue-chip clients including: Equinix, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Vodafone, Microsoft, KCOM Group, English Premier League, Axel Springer and a number of independent entrepreneurs, PE firms and family investment offices.

Consulting Skills Book Club

We always encourage our consulting skills clients to set up their own consulting skills book club. For those of you who would like to join in, we will publish our monthly book club recommendations here and on Linkedin.